Doggy Bed!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So this weekend my OH thought it would be a good weekend to learn to sew! So I taught.
It was a fun experience, I had made dog beds before, and OH wanted to make one for a co-worker.

We used a bunch of fleece squares and some solid black. It took two days, but the quality time was worth it!

Photos and more after the jump!

 We laid out the squares in a pattern OH liked (the co-worker is a UGA fan).

We sewed them into a patchwork rectangle then added a black border.

I appliqued a little design for OH to put on the doggy bed.

We sewed on the back and then OH stuffed and hand stitched the rest!

It was a wonderful two evenings, even though little JC fell asleep halfway through the first night

love and glue guns,


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