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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I just got done making some soap. I had made a bunch for all my family at Christmas, and now everyone wants some more, and since I'm driving 6 hours to visit my mother, I thought I'd make her some.

OH has sensitive skin, and we decided to make some soap that would work for it.
It was basically "Here lets put this in too and see if it works."
Eventually we got a good recipe...though it sounds crazy.

olive oil, shea butter, almond milk, honey, finely ground oatmeal, and a hint of peppermint oil, for that extra boost on the mornings we need to wake up.
I've got no real recipe, we just kinda go by feel. I love it because I can get that clean feeling with no sticky feeling brand soaps give.
We got the soap stamp things at Micheal's, and I love the damask print one (top bar), it was the whole reason we bought the set!

love and glue guns,


ApachesPrincess said...

I also have very sensitive skin, so I don't make myself soap,but I'll have to keep those ingredients in mind and try it!

I'm visiting from Friend Making Friday!

Kelsey said...

ooh this sounds like fun! Yours turned out beautiful!

Sjn said...

Great gift idea, thx for sharing. I'm visiting from TGC NFF!

Cindy said...

Wow. You are one ambitious lady. I have a friend that makes her own laundry soap, and I was going to try it but, time escapes me. Found you on NFF. And welcome to the world of blogging. It is addictive. :) Looking forward to your posts.

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

great project! well done and sooo pretty! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday at TGC. I enjoyed my visit and am inviting you to drop in at my place sometime this week! until later...

Matt the Canadian said...

hey :) you might not remember me at all but... you were the one that told me about the bob hair cut :P:P nice blog. you should update it more!!

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