Oh how I've missed you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been a long time since I've written, and I apologize about that! Visiting my family was fantastic, and Charleston is so beautiful, I love it so!
I had a wonderful birthday while I was there, the city even held a parade in my honor. Or St. Patrick's honor. One of us, I like to think it's me. 

I've been a busy busy bee getting ready and then going to my first craft fair.
Can't wait to get back to fun random projects, but until then I've got a picture heavy post for you!
Oh! Don't forget to check out my new Etsy!

We wanted to put out fresh flowers, but kept forgetting to get them!
Here are the soaps we sold!

It was SO much fun! We had the best neighbors ever, and even got on the radio! A lot of our family came to support us, even through the monsoon on the first day. It was still a blast. Our tent wanted to blow away ever ten minutes or so, and our neighbor's husband kept helping us get it back down.

Look at those cute dog toys! I made them all with scraps and upcycled plastic water bottles as the noise makers inside!
I got this absolutely beautiful bookmark from my neighbors (please send your Etsy link!)

Basically its been a crazy month, and I'm glad to bring it to a close.
So toast to friends, family, gardens, and projects!

Love and glue guns,


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